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Marthashmooni Jacobite Syrian Church Peroor
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Sunday School is the most important and largest spiritual wing of the church. It is affiliated to MALANKARA JACOBITE SYRIAN SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION with headquarters at Puthencruz,Kochi.
Sunday school takes care of the spiritual nurturing of the children, by bringing them up in the knowledge and fellowship of Jesus Christ. It imparts knowledge and wisdom to the students at their young age so that they can be encompasses church history, liturgy, sacraments and contemporary social problems affecting the church life. The classes are conducted in Malayalam. JSVBS Classes are also conducted during the vacation days.
24 Teachers under the administrative control of Headmaster is taking the classes during the Sundays after the Holy Qurbana,.Sri.K.V.Abraham Kunnath is the Headmaster of the Sunday School.

The Teachers are

1. K.V.Abraham Kunnath ( HEADMASTER )
2. Thampi K Varghese Kunnathu
3. C C Varghese Chackassery
4. Alice Kurian Chakkassery
5. K U Varghese Thazhathedatu
6. Kuruvila V C Vadoor
7. P K Jacob Puzhakkara
8. Jacob Kurian Kannathussery
9. Sabu K Varghese Kunnathu
10. Jaimon Abraham Vazhathara
11. Sanju John Thazhathedath
12. Titti T Jacob Thuruthel
13. Gean A Varghese Kunnathu
14. Tharun Thampi Kunnathu
15. Tobin T Kunnathu
16. Robin Jacob Vadakkeparambil
17. Sanal P Kuriakose Pokkidiyil
18. Jim Jacob Roy Chackassery
19. Mariyamma Johny Pokkidiyil
20. Moly Kuriakose Kakkanattu
21. Darly Varghese Maliyekkal
22. Ansu John Vaippil
23. Susan Jacob Puzhakkara
24. Sine Sabu
25. Sneha Thomas Kizakke Moozhikattil



A Unit of Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Youth Association is functioning in our church. Workship, Education and Service are the main aims of this organization.

Itís objectives are

1. The growth of the church through the progress of the youth,their upliftment and better progress
2. To become a firm and reliable source of support in the activities of the church and become a significant part of itís development and growth.
3. To provide a platform for debates and discussions and contemporaray socio-religious issues concerning the church,itís members,especially the youth.
4. To provide anytime anywhere service for the parish festivals and feasts.
5. To be an integral part of the church history.
6. To organize career guidance programmes, Health camps etc.
7. Carrying out charitable and relief activities.
8. Active participation in house visits
9. Orphanage visits
10. Conducting Xímas carols in the parish localities
11. Sports/Tournament for the youth
12. Active participation in Manjanikkara pilgrimage serviced

The Youth Association of the church was formed years ago. . Their coordination and collective responsibilities are sought in various church development programmes like organizing xímas carols, prayer meetings Picnics,dhyanam,youth camps,retreats,assistance for relief and charity works Social services,free supply of books to all students of the peroor village at the beginning of educational year etc. Male and female members of the parish aged 18 to 40 are the members of the youth association.
Like all spiritual organizations they meet together on Sundays after theHoly mass.They have a common prayer,discussions on current issues etc.
The birthday and wedding anniversary day of all family members in the diocese are remembered by the Youth associaton by a special prayer during the Holy Qurbana. The birthday cards and wedding day greeting cards are also delivered to them during the Sundays.
Presently Sri .Sojin.P.Mathew is working as the Secretary. A Ten member committee is elected to administer the unit.



Marthamariam Vanitha Samajam is an organization for women of parish church. This organization was conceived to enhance the spiritual and social growth of women who seek to promote Christian values within our families and the church community at large. They work along with various charity organizations and offer services to the needy wherever they can. Marthamariam Vanitha Samajam is named after the most exalted saint of our church, St.Mary,the ever virgin and Holy mother of God.

The Marthamariam Vanitha Samajam members conducts meetings on every Sunday after Holy Qurbana. Songs, Bible Readings, Messages and Discussions are in the General Agenda. It is usually led by Vicar or by the Senior member. After deliberating business matters if any, the meeting end with closing prayers. The members of this organization are involve within many other Charity and Spiritual actvities like social issues,relief activites,visiting of sick people, deceased house visits and to share their conolences.

They also receive various donation and subscription from members and distribute to various needy and distressed people. They also actively help the church administration during festivals to prepare food and other conveniences during feasts. The role of the women are important as example to other members of the family.

As the initial stage after the formation of this organization Seven women take initiative to form this organization. Now 56 members are serving under this organization.

The aim of the Vanitha Samajam is to train them as good students, wives, mothers, employees and homemakers. They are taught to lead a life of goodwill and prayer that will be beneficial to the spiritual organizations of the church.

The Vanitha samajam is administered by an elected seven member committee. The present Secretary is Smt. Molly Kuriakose who manages its daily affairs



The origin of this organization can be traced to the famous Koonan Cross Oath of January 03,1953, where the unflinching loyalty to the throne of Antioch was decalared by our forefathers holding on to the rope tied round the cross at Mattanchery. Through centuries the movements to strengthen that faith continued without break.

The Samithi organizes prayer meeting on ever month in our church parish to pray intensively for the re-opening of the closed churches and the early respite from the church litigations. This organization is also helping the poor people.

Presently Mr Jaimon ipe nedumpokkil is working as the Secretary.



The aim of this organization is to take care of the aged and sick people in our church.The members of this organization visit the aged and sick peoples home and help them as they can.

The present Secretary is Sri.A.M. ABRAHAM,POOVAKULATH



This is an organization for the students of the parish to motivate their abilities.They meet together during Sundays and have discussions regarding the various church development programmes,study programmes etc.

They have a very fandastic Library which includes good collection of biblical books,prayer books,Christian historical books etc.

Sri. Jitto Ponnachan is the present Secretary.



Hail Mary League is an organization for women children whom aged upto around 30 years .The basic principles of this organization are servicew,prayer etc. Cultural programmes,debates,bible study are also conducted by them to motivate the women children at their early age. This organization functions are with the co-ordination of Martha Mariam Vanitha Samajam.

The present Secretary is Smt .Reshma Benny ,Karukacheril



The main function of this organization is to give financial assistance to the poor people in the church, and in emergency case to the people of the natives ,irrespective of their caste & religion.

The other functions are 1. Celebrate the memory of HIS HIGHNESS MAR BASELIOS PAULOSE IInd
2. to participate in the charitable activities
3. to organize group discussions, meetings on church basis and also on Diocese basis.

The President of this organization is the Vicar and the Present Secretary is Sri . P.M.KURIAKOSE POKKIDIYIL