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Marthashmooni Jacobite Syrian Church Peroor
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More than a hundred years ago, the Syrian Christians of Peroor, Arumanoor and Thellakom villages had to travel a long distance to St Mary’s Church,Manarcad, to meet all their spiritual needs. Considering the hazardous travels of those days, they earnestly longed to erect a church at Peroor. As a result of this, the Parish Metroplitan His Grace Pulikottil Joseph Mar Dionysius granted permission to build a church at Peroor on the land donated by the members of the Thalimmoottil family.


On receiving sanction from the Government to build a church at Peroor, His Grace laid the foundation stone on 3rd January, 1905.

There were only 64 families following the Jacobite Syrian faith at that time in peroor and surrounding areas, and they unitedly laboured hard to make their great dream of having a church a reality. The construction work was almost completed in September, 1905 ( Kanni 8, 1081 M.E ) on the birth day of St Mary,the Mother of god. It was really a momentous day when our forefathers finally found a permanent worship center in their own place.

Though the construction of the church was completed, that of the Holy Madbaha - continued with the engravings and beautification which needed more time. The church was consecrated by His Grace Joseph Mar Dionysius on the 24th September 1907,dedicating it to the holy memory of the Saintly Mother Marthashmooni,her seven sons and their Rabby Eleazer. The church is the first one in India dedicated to these saintly mother who held fast to her faith in the true God and sacrificed her mortal body. ( Refer the life and martyrdom in the Second book of Macabees)

Since 1907,as per the directions from the Church authorities, August 1 is declared as the Annual feast Day (Perunal) in memory of the saintly Mother Marthashmooni, the seven sons and their Rabby Eleazer. Since that year, the church has been known as Marthashmooni Church and people belonging to all religions and castes from peroor and the neighbouring localities and every nook and corner of Kerala gather at the church to worship, make their offerings and receive blessings from the Patron saints of the church.

During the first years of the church, the revered Jacob Parayil,Thycad Achan and Painumkal Achan,as Vicars,conducted the religious ceremonies .Rev Yakob Thuruthel and Rev.Jospeh Manalel,like their predecessors,led the laity in the true faith of the Jacobite Church.

The next generation of the revered priests brought about comprehensive growth in the activities of the church. Rev.Mani Kallapurathu,Rev.A.T.Mathews Anathanathu and Rev.Mathews Thuruthel were in fact instrumental in the progress in the society. The sudden demise of Rev.Mathews Thuruthel on 11.5.2008 shocked the parishioners as also the public at large.

At present Rev.Mani Kallapurathu is the Vicar of the Church. Rev.Mathew Anathanathu and Rev.Abhilash Valiyaveettil serve as the Asst.Vicars. Very Rev.Kuriakose Cor Episcopa Kunnathu, serving at the St.Peter and St.Pauls Church, Bangalore, is a member of the Marthashmooni Church.

As already been mentioned , the church first in India dedicated to holy mother Martashmooni,her seven children and guru and guardian Eleazer. The centenary of the Church was celebrated on a large scale in 2005. The year-long celebrations were a rich devotional and cultural experience to thousands of devotees. As a landmark in the history of the Church for having completed 100 years , a large cross made of Granite stone and a small chapel with an altar were erected infront of the Church.

The long period of 107 years witnessed tremendous progress. The heavenly care of God, the Supreme Benefactor, and the holy presence of Marthashmooni Amma have made the church one of the well-known Malankara Churches. Thousands of devotees irrespective of religions and castes,take refuge in this spiritual centre and free themselves from their physical and mental maladies.

A nine-day fasting with prayers and meditation is observed from 24 th July to August every year. People in large numbers participate in this religious observance with devotion . In the year 1994, His Grace Dr. Geevarghese Mar Greegorios Perumpallil, brought from Karakkosh Church in Moosal, the hallowed robes of Marthashmooni Amma. This holy relic is enclosed in a decorated chest and installed inside the church close to Madbaha. Worshippers pay abeisance to the holy relic and seek blessings.

The Church is one of the important ones in the Kottayam Diocese under the Jacobite Syrian Church. Every year a nine-days fasting from 24th July to 1st August is observed with piety. During this period worshippers pay reverence to Marthashmooni Amma and on all the nine feast days’ Metropolitans of the Jacobite Church lead the prayers and celebrate the Holy Qurbana at the altars of the church . On the last day ,the mass is celebrated by nine Metropolitans and Cor-episcopas at Nine Altars. This celebration of the Holy Qurbana is unique and followed only in this church.

There is one “ Kurishupally” and four “Kurushinthottis” located in different localities of peroor parish area ,where a large number of the people attend and pay obeisance. There are also five prayer units and other Spiritual Organizations such as Sunday School,Youth Association,Marthamariam Vanitha Samajam,Mar Baselios Paulose Dwithian Charity Foundation,Anthokya Viswasa Samrakshana Samithi,Mar Eliaser Old Age Foundation,Mar Greegorios Vidharthi Prasthanam and Hail Mary League. All these function well enriching the spiritual life of the Parishioners.The Holy Qurbana is celebrated on all Fridays. Special prayers are conducted on all Fridays praying for the mediation of the saintly Marthashmooni Amma. Devotees gather on these days at the church for intercession . There are nearly 500 parishioners in the church.

On the 14th day and 15th January, the church observes the festival of the Mother Of God -St Mary. Abstinee is observed from the 1st September to the 8th of September . 8th January of every year celebrates the memory of St.Stephen, the guardian Saint and mediator of the church. Prayers are conducted in memory of His Beatitude Baselios Catholicose and that of His Grace Geevarghese Mar Greegorios, the Metropolitan and the President of the Synod on the first Sunday of September and on the next Sunday after the 22nd February, respectievely.


The church has three altars (Thronos ) of which the most important one (The middle one) is dedicated to Marthashmooni Amma, the right one to Saint Stephan and the left thronos to the blessed name of the Mother of God. Recently, the Three altars have been renovated and beautifully adorned too installing Kadish- Kudish.

The church has now become the recipient of another great blessing and witnessed a rare spiritual gift from no less a person than the Highest Spiritual head of the Jacobite Syrian Church. Taking into account the fame and importance of the Peroor Jacobite Church, His Holiness Ignatios Zacha 1,the Patriarch and the Supreme Head of the Syrain Jacobites, has issued a holy order declaring the Church as “ The GLOBAL MARTHASHMOONI PILGRIM CENTRE“ . The Church deservedly has acquired a new status raising its dignity and honour under the spiritual presence of Marthashmooni Amma. Changes have been made to the Altars to suit the occasion.The flag post that hoists the church flag has been covered with sheets of Gold.

It was memorable day for the Church on Sunday, the 29th July, 2012,when His Beatitude the Catholicose Aboon Mar Baselios Thomas 1, officially declared the PEROOR MARTHASHMOONI CHURCH a GLOBAL PILGRIM CENTRE.

God, the almighty has showered all his blessings to the parish leading it along to spiritual progress for the wellbeing of all………..